Food Safety Audits or Inspections are an important part of a successful food service operation. Having experts conduct food safety audits/inspections for your operation will help lower the risk of causing a foodborne illness, help to build a solid food safety culture within your operation, ensure compliance with local, state and federal health department requirements and serve as an ongoing training exercise for your team members. Our experienced auditors/inspectors will assist you in ensuring food safety practices are being followed, identify areas of improvement and coach and train during their visits.

Audits/inspections are customized to meet your operation’s specific needs and our team will assist in guiding you to developing the best audit/inspection for your operation.  Detailed reports (similar to health department reports) will be provided at the end of each visit and the number of visits each year will depend on what you decide is best for your operation.  Advanced reports are also available to those clients that have a desire for advanced reporting.